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Hotel Towels

Types of Hotel Towels

Different towels have different purposes and it makes sense to maintain them separately :

1.BATHTOWEL : Your body is a relatively large area that will be covered in a bit of water after you have a bath. It requires a relatively larger towels to properly dry. It must have sufficient size to do the job properly.

2. FACE TOWEL: your face has various curves and bumps that are most effectively washed by soaking the towel in water first or by taking the towel with you into the bath/shower. Itmust have the perfect size.

3. BATH MAT: you need something to stand on as you dry yourself off after a bath. A wet tiled floor can be very slippery. A bath mat provides a stable footing for you as you dry yourself off.

4. HAND TOWEL: After washing your hands, you could dry them off on any of the above towels but since some bacterial may remain on your palm even after washing them it is best to dry your hands on a dedicated hand towel that will not be used to wash your face or dry body. Most Hand towels are mini bath towels.

5. BATHROBE : a bath robe is used mostly for privacy. Once called dressing gowns, the point of bathrobes is to cover your body during in-between times when you are not in regular clothes, like after a shower or while choosing an outfit. Since they are made of the same materials as towels, bathrobes also helps absorb water and keep you warm.

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