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Caring for beddings

Make it fresh always. There is no better feeling for an hotel guest than sinking into a perfectly made bed after checking in.
Here are some simple tips to help you care for your bedsheets and other be linens
1. Always check the care label to know it it could be laundered the usual way or requires special care.
2. Double rinse your fabrics because excess laundry detergent residue makes sheets go yellow
3.Wash i’ warm or cold water. White goes in @ 60°celcius and others 40°celcius
4. Do not use Fabric softener, they coat the natural fabric and break them down
5. Avoid a too-hot clothes dryer, it weakens and breaks natural fibres. Come to Avoire Voltic home if Avoire Collections For all your Hotel Bedding – Bedsheet, pillowcase, Pillow, Duvet, Duvet cover, Bed runner, Throw pillow

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